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PhD and postdoc positions

We always welcome applications from skilled and motivated people for PhD and PostDoc positions.

If you are interested in joining our group, then consider the following points:

  • Contact us well ahead of your intended arrival here. This gives us time to sort out how to finance your position here. Ideally you should contact us 6-12 month ahead of time.
  • When contacting us send us your CV (plus references whom we can contact). Moreover, write a few paragraphs about your research interests and why you want to join our group. Consult our publication list to get an impression of our current research interests.
  • The work done in our group requires a certain set of skills (computational, mathematical, or experimental). We do not expect that everyone who comes to work with us has already acquired all the skills necessary for our work (this applies in particular to PhD candidates), but we need to be able to judge whether you are willing and capable of acquiring new skills in areas where you do not have them yet. Therefore describe briefly where your skills are, and where you want to improve.
  • Feel free to contact current postdocs and PhD students to obtain more information of how it is to work in our group and how it is to live in Zurich.
  • Please understand that we all are increasingly swamped by e-mails. Thus we apologize in advance in case we do not reply in time to your e-mail. Feel free to contact us again in case we forgot to reply!

The points above should not be regarded as a cookbook recipe. Simply send us a mail (Martin Ackermann), in which you include whatever information we need to see that you are a serious and interesting candidate.

Bachelor, master or internship

For bachelor, master or internship students please refer to the section on Research and Thesis Projects.

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