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Thiouridine residues in tRNAs are responsible for a synergistic effect of UVA and UVB light in photoinactivation of Escherichia coli.
Sandra Probst-Rüd, Kristopher McNeill, and Martin Ackermann
Environmental Microbiology, (2017) Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.
The Microbial Olympics 2016.
Michaeline B. Nelson, Alexander B. Chase, Jennifer B.H. Martiny, Roman Stocker, Jen Nguyen, Karen Lloyd, Reid T. Oshiro, Daniel B. Kearns, Johannes P. Schneider, Peter D. Ringel, Marek Basler, Christine A. Olson, Helen E. Vuong, Elaine Y. Hsiao, Benjamin R.K. Roller, Martin Ackermann, Chris Smillie, Diana Chien, Eric Alm, and Andrew J. Jermy
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Response of single bacterial cells to stress gives rise to complex history dependence at the population level.
Roland Mathis, and Martin Ackermann
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, (2016) Washington, DC: National Academy of Sciences.
How type 1 fimbriae help Escherichia coli to evade extracellular antibiotics.
Ima Avalos Vizcarra, Vahid Hosseini, Philip Kollmannsberger, Stefanie Meier, Stefan S. Weber, Markus Arnoldini, Martin Ackermann, and Viola Vogel
Scientific Reports, (2016) London: Nature Publishing Group.
Genetic Manipulation of Glycogen Allocation Affects Replicative Lifespan in E. coli.
Alex Böhm, Markus Arnoldini, Tobias Bergmiller, Thomas Röösli, Colette Bigosch, and Martin Ackermann
PLoS Genetics, (2016) San Francisco, CA: Public Library of Science.
Phenotypic heterogeneity driven by nutrient limitation promotes growth in fluctuating environments.
Frank Schreiber, Sten Littmann, Gaute Lavik, Stephane Escrig, Anders Meibom, Marcel M.M. Kuypers, and Martin Ackermann
Nature Microbiology, (2016) London: Nature Publishing Group.
Unravelling the Impacts of Micropollutants in Aquatic Ecosystems: Interdisciplinary Studies at the Interface of Large-Scale Ecology.
Christian Stamm, Katja Räsänen, Francis J. Burdon, Florian Altermatt, Jukka Jokela, Adriano Joss, Martin Ackermann, and Rik I.L. Eggen
In Large-Scale Ecology: Model Systems to Global Perspectives, edited by Alex J. Dumbrell, Rebecca L. Kordas and Guy Woodward, 183-223. (2016) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
A functional perspective on phenotypic heterogeneity in microorganisms.
Martin Ackermann
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A growing focus on bacterial individuality.
Martin Ackermann, and Frank Schreiber
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Costs of antibiotic resistance – separating trait effects and selective effects.
Alex R. Hall, Daniel C. Angst, Konstanze T. Schiessl, and Martin Ackermann
Evolutionary Applications, (2015) Oxford: Wiley.
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