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Roland Mathis See website

Konstanze Schiessl, now a postdoctoral researcher with Lars E. P. Dietrich at Columbia University in New York. See website


Dave Johnson, Senior Scientist at Eawag in the Department of Environmental Microbiology. See website

Markus Arnoldini, now a postdoctoral researcher with Terry Hwa at the University of California in San Diego. See website

Marie Marchal


Nela Nikolic, now a postdoctoral researcher with Isabella Moll at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories in Vienna. See website


Rolf Kümmerli, now assistant professor at the University of Zurich. See website

Zoé Dumas See website

Lara Pfister

Jan Engelstädter, now lecturer at the University of Queensland. See website


Tobias Bergmiller, now a postdoctoral researcher with Calin Guet at the IST Austria. See website


Nikki Freed, now researcher at Novartis in Basel.

Olin Silander, now a junior group leader in Erik van Nimwegen's group at the University of Basel. See website

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